Our People

Norman  - Founder


A page such as this would not feel quite right without the introduction of this man. Norman Hatton founded the business way back in 1946, and passed away in late August 2005 at the grand old age of 87. Norman worked nearly full time in the shop right up until his 86th year, sharing his experiences with the younger members of staff and our regular customers

Norman had a razor sharp brain and business sense unfaltering since his younger days!


Keith  - ex Managing Director

ex Managing Director

Keith Hatton was born in 1959, and died, aged 48, during September 2008. At the time of his death, Keith had been responsible for Hattons emergence as the leading independent retailer, in the sector which we operate in.
He is missed by all the staff and customers who came into contact with him during his reign as the leader of our firm, and it will be some time before we adjust to his loss. We would like to thank all those who have supported us during the difficult time following his death, and appreciate the kind emails and letters of condolence we have received.
Keith was a unique and dynamic man, who led from the front. His knowledge and experience were undoubted, as was the commitment which he gave to the firm, for over 30 years.


Christine  - Chairwoman


Christine Hatton is the owner and Chair of Hattons Model Railways. She has worked for the firm for over 20 years, and many of our customers will have been served and assisted by her.

Following the death of her brother Keith, in 2008, Christine has stepped up to the mantle, to take over the reins of running the firm. She has a great deal to contend with, given the size of our firm, the number of products we stock (approx 6000), the number of staff we have (57 as of Nov 08), and the number of places where we advertise (16 magazine titles and 4 websites).

Christine is determined for the growth and development of the business to continue in the manner it had done, before the death of her father Norman, and brother Keith. We accept that this will be a difficult task, but are determined that it will provide the best tribute to Norman and Keiths memory.


Richard  - Managing Director

Managing Director

Richard works with the Retail, Warehouse & Office leaders, to help take charge of the long-term direction of the firm. He was a customer of ours until the age of 13, then rejoined us in 1999 to help develop our online commerce systems. After a spell away, he returned in October 2003 to take general charge of the firms development.
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Lesley  - Strategy and Projects Senior Analyst

Strategy and Projects Senior Analyst

Lesley joined us in 2004, and worked in our packing department whilst studying at University.
After a short time away she rejoined us in 2008 working in our warehouse, spending 4 years as Warehouse Manager, she is now our Startegy and Projects Senior Analyst.


Graeme  - I.T. Manager

I.T. Manager

Graeme Hogg has been working in Hattons since January 2003. He has helped us become the model Railways shop of the future and brought Hatton’s and our customers into the 21st century. He works around the clock and makes sure we are fully operational at all times. Some call him a machine.

In his spare time he likes to watch TV and listen to music. He really enjoys playing computer games, there is not a game that he does not own.


Alex  - Strategy and Business Support Manager

Strategy and Business Support Manager

Alex joined us in August 2015. He loves a good spreadsheet and dealing with complicated figures. Alex helps run the the general day to day part of the business and helps our managers get the best out of our employee’s.

In his spare time he likes running and keeping fit. All of his time at the moment is spent on making his new house a home.

Darren  - Systems Manager

Systems Manager

Darren joined us in September 2013. He started with us as a customer service adviser, he has moved to Pre-owned manager and recently been given the role of Systems manager. He makes sure everything is running smoothly and creates new ways to be more efficient. He keeps Hatton’s on its toes as he likes to go a hundred miles an hour with everything he does.

In his spare time he like to spend time with his family and reading. He is originally from suffolk and lived in Widnes for 7 years.


Systems Assistant

Alan Brown has been with Hatton's since 2005. He originally started in the warehouse and worked himself up to Systems Assistant which deals with our IT systems in Hatton’s. He keeps everything flowing well.

In his spare time he likes to follow Liverpool football club. He also likes to relax and watch TV and play computer games.

Trainee Manager


Project Worker

Katie has been with us since February 2014, she has been in every department and worked every level within the business. She has an expertise knowledge in diecast and model railway, She will always make sure everyone is happy and will always give 100%.

In her spare time she spends her time baking and watching good sci-fi such as Dr Who and Lord of the rings. She is also a member of the Liverpool Roller Birds.


David  - Exclusive Commissions Manager

Exclusive Commissions Manager

David joined us in September 2008, he originally started as a packer on work experience. He has moved up through the years to Exclusive Commissions Manager. He designs the Hatton’s exclusives and is a very important part of the business.

David has a passion for aircraft and railways, and works hard preserving locos as a volunteer in the diesel department of the East Lancashire Railway. He is also a keen modeller, specialising in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/35th scale Military vehicles, aircraft and figures. David also finds time for his love of history, and actively takes part in WWII reenactments as a German ‘Fallschirmjager’ or paratrooper. What David doesn’t know about modelling isn’t worth knowing but luckily he shares his expertise, as well as updates about his recent projects, on his blog at davemodelblog.blogspot.com.


Buying Manager

Dave Martin joined the Hattons team in September 2013. He is responsible for all of Hatton’s purchases with our suppliers. He is an avid train enthusiast and knows what is hot and what is not, he has a excellent understanding of what our customers want to buy and makes sure we get the right stock in.

Dave is involved in both model and full size railways, with a fondness for the BR Blue era although his knowledge extends broadly across anything with steel wheels. Originally from Manchester, Dave is now well adapted to the Liverpool way of life, but he's yet to take a ferry across the Mersey or become a fan of the Beatles.


Thomas  - Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

Tom joined our contact centre team in March 2015. He started as a helpdesk assistant and moved up to marketing executive. Tom creates the adverts that you see in all of the railway magazines and also our own Hatton’s magazines. He is always working as he takes care of our social media pages including facebook and twitter.

In his spare time he likes to go out with his camera and take pictures of nature. He did his degree in photography at university. Tom has a strong interest in railways especially the 1980’s Scotland era. He also likes cars and planes, everyday in work is like being in a dream as he loves the stock we sell.


Jack  - Marketing Assistant


Digital Marketing Executive

Jack has been with us since February 2017, he joined us as we looked at Marketing to be a really fundamental part of Hatton’s future, he has brought a lot of ideas and successful campaigns through advertisements.

Jack likes to play video games and enjoys endlessly fiddling with his motorbike and car.

Robyn  - Commercial Assistant

Commercial Assistant

Robyn has been with us since December 2016, her first role was in the helpdesk and because of her friendly approach she was moved up to commercial assistant. She now helps Richard Davies with the accounts and everyday paperwork.

In her spare time she likes to walk her beagle Walter, she also likes visiting her nan and having a cup of tea in her garden.


Operations Operative

Adam joined us on the December 2017. He started in our warehouse and quickly was moved to commercial assistant, he helps Robyn with accounts and administration.

He likes to spend time with his twin brother. He loves to learn new languages, he is currently learning Korean. Adam plays video games and likes spending time with his friends.


Greg  - Project Manager

Project Manager

Greg is a contractor who deals with all new and old projects within Hatton’s, from managing teams to building our offices and new store. He is definitely what you call a handyman.

Greg loves to spend time with his wife in his home at Anglesey. He also loves to travel and has a soft spot in his heart for animals big and small.


Emma  - Project Assistant

Project Assistant

Emma has been with us since October 2017. She is the face you will see when coming for a job interview. She deals with different projects such as recruitment. Emma keeps us grounded and has an infectious laugh.

She is a fitness fanatic and also loves to eat out. Emma loves to travel with her boyfriend and spend time with her family including her minature dachshunds Rosie and Hank.


Gill  - Logistics Operative

Operations Manager

Gill has worked with us since October 2016, she started off as agency staff and was quickly taken on by us. She was a Picker/Packer and now has moved up to Operations Manager. She runs around like a whippet and keeps everyone motivated in the warehouse.

In her spare time she likes to spend time with her kids and watching movies. She is also interested in horses and for many years looked after them.


Jonathan  - Services Manager

Operations Manager

Johnny has been with us since July 2016, he started with us as a stock processor and gradually moved his way up to Operations manager. He is a strong leader and gets the best out of his team.

In his spare time he likes to collect film and video game merchandise. He has achieved a first degree in film and television production BA (hons).


Gareth  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Gareth has worked with us since January 2008, he has a great knowledge of our warehouse and everything that needs to be done. You will find him somewhere different everyday as he likes to help his colleagues.

In his spare time he likes to go for walks and to watch motorsports. He has a keen interest in cars and anything which goes over 100 miles an hour in seconds.


Gary  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Gary has worked with us since October 2014, he started as a Pick/Packer and moved up to Level 2 and now works on order checking and Goods in. He is always having a joke with a member of staff somewhere in the warehouse.

In his spare time he likes watching football and PC building. He is interested in classic cars and can tell you all you need to know about them.


Andrew  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Andrew has been with us since September 2013. He is the person you see when a delivery from a manufacturer comes in and needs to be put on the system. He will help out with anything to do with our warehouse and has an in depth knowledge of all procedures within Operations.

In his spare time he likes to think of himself as a connoisseur with the beers from the local pubs.


Ewelina  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Ewelina has been with Hatton's since August 2012, She began as a Pick/Packer, she is now a level up from when she started and checks orders and helps Level 1 staff.

She loves fast cars. In her spare time Ewelina likes to spend time with her young family and also likes to travel.


Peter  - Logistics Operative


Operations Operative

Peter has been with us since August 1995, what he doesn’t know about our warehouse and the Operations processes is not worth knowing. He has always been proud of doing a good honest day's work and helps anyone looking for help.

In his spare time he likes to follow his favourite football team Liverpool FC, he also likes to watch football on TV and keep active including running and riding his bike.


Rafal  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Rafal has been with us since July 2015, you will see him flying around the warehouse picking orders. He is our fastest picker an prides himself in 100% accuracy. He is experienced in all parts of the warehouse including packing and goods in.

In his spare time he enjoys playing on his playstation and travelling to Poland to see his family.


Richard  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Richard has been with us since July 2015, he is a general warehouse man and does everything from booking orders into Hatton’s and driving the van to our offsite warehouse to get stock for our customers orders. He also sorts the parcels out which go with our courier services and Royal Mail.

In his spare time he likes to play golf, fishing and motorcycling. He also has an interest in RC moulds.


Alicja  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Alicja has been with us since January 2016. She is a caring member of the team in the warehouse and will always make you smile no matter what mood you are in. You will always find her working hard making sure parcels are sent out correctly and on time.

Alicja likes to travel and spend time with her two sons and fiance, she also likes socialising with her friends.


Michelle  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Michelle has been with us since October 2016, she started as a Packer and now is a captain, making sure that all parcels are picked and packed to the high standard that we expect at Hatton’s. She may look sweet but she will let the team know if there are any mistakes.

In her spare time she likes to travel all over and relax at home with family and friends.


Shane  - Logistics Operative


Operations Operative

Shane joined us in March 2017, he is a quieter member of the operations team, they always say that you have to watch the quiet ones. He is a hard worker and knows every aspect of the warehouse. He is happy to multitask and will help anyone needing a hand.

In his spare time he is an all rounder sports fanatic. He loves to play football and go fishing. He also enjoys watching sports especially Manchester United.


Agnieszka  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Agnieszka joined us in May 2017. Agnieszka is a hard worker and will give 100% with everything that she does. She is a brilliant packer and will always put a smile on your face when you see her in the warehouse.

In her spare time she like to relax. She is a shopaholic and also loves to travel to new interesting places.


Denisa  - Logistics Operative


Operations Operative

Denisa joined us in May 2017, she is always found talking to everybody and giggling about everything. Her main role is packing and is always a perfectionist when getting a parcel packed right.

In her spare time she likes to travel and spend time with her partner. She loves to go back and visit family in Czechoslovakia.


Natasha  - Logistics Operative

Operations Operative

Natasha joined us in November 2017, She does a range of duties in our warehouse and excels in everything that she does for Hatton's.

She has been in the Army reserves since 2015 and is part of the Royal logistic corps. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and being active.


Operations Operative

Jakub joined us in January 2018 after a succesful period through an agency. He is a machine when picking orderand iis fast and precise, he gives Rafael a run for his top spot. Jakub is always smiling and willing to help anyone.

In his spare time he likes boxing and anything where he can be active. He loves to read books and spend time with his friends.


Operations Operative

Seanjoined us in October 2017, he is a hard worker and will always get his head down and work to the best of his ability. He loves to do a job well and works in our replen area. He makes sure all of the stock for the customers are available to be picked and packed.

In his spare time he likes to watch Liverpool football club and spending time with his girlfriend.

Operations Operative

Ajay joined us in April 2018. He is a hard worker and always gives 100% in whatever he does. He works mainly in our goods in area and makes sure products are booked in ready for customers to buy them.

In Ajays spare time he likes to listen to music and tries his best not to spend time with his identical twin brother who also works with us. He practises playing his guitar everyday and enjoys anything to do with Physics and astronomy. Ajay loves to play a lot of video games and used to play competitively.


Operations Operative

Joshua joined us in May 2018, he is a quick picker and packer. He also takes photographs for the website. He is an all rounder and is happy to work in different areas of our operations team.

Joshua has a degree in music, he plays in two bands and also writes music. His favourite instruments are drums and piano. Joshua loves photography and taking pictures of places he travels to including Italy where he goes a lot because his mum lives there.


Karl  - Services Technician

Operations Operative

Karl joined us in July 2015, he is an experienced member of the services team. He fits decoders to locos and also repairs them. He has a vast knowledge of the products and loves a challenge.

In his spare time he likes to ride his motorbike and spend time with his family. He also enjoys watching films and playing computer games.


Ian  - Services Technician

Operations Operative

Ian joined us in September 2015, he began as a Picker/Packer and quickly moved to the digital team where he is an outstanding decoder fitter, if you can fit a decoder to it he is your man.

He loves to spend time with his growing family. Ian also enjoys playing his guitars and tabletop war games.


Peter  - Services Technician

Operations Operative

Peter joined us in April 2016, He is the life and the party in the services team. He takes the photos of the stock which are on our website. He is experienced in getting the perfect picture in little time. He can also do a range of other duties including DCC fittings.

In his spare time he likes to watch Rugby, go the pub with the lads and keep fit by swimming and riding his bike to work. He also loves the sun, as soon as it gets a little warm he is out bathing in it.


Sean  - Services Technician

Operations Operative

Sean joined us in April 2016, he has extensive knowledge taking the perfect picture from pre-owned stock to Hatton’s exclusives. He takes pride in his work and is always smiling.

In his spare time he likes to follow Everton football club, he also loves to travel and see new things. Sean loves socialising with friends.


Mark  - Services Technician

Operations Operative

Mark joined us in September 2016, he has spent time in nearly all of the departments and has a good knowledge of diecast and model railways. He is always looking to improve the service we offer through the pre-owned collections. He can always pick out a scratched bumper or a missing coupling before anybody else.

In his spare time he likes to play video games and is an all round gamer. Mark also likes to relax at home.


Elliott  - Services Technician

Operations Operative

Elliot joined us in November 2017, He is a good all rounder in the warehouse operation, he started as a picker and has moved to taking photos for our website. He keeps the warehouse area clean and tidy and is always willing to learn more.

In his spare time he likes to play on his playstation and doa bit of DIY. He also loves to do new projects and get his hands dirty.


Operations Operative

Liene joined us in October 2017. She is like a sponge, her knowledge is really good. Her photo taking of all railway and diecast is excellent, she has always got a smile on her face and happy to help wherever she is needed.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym and relaxing at home. Liene also likes to model in her spare time.


Services Technician

Andy joined us in 2014. He is an asset to the services team, he is an expert in all types of decoder fitting and repairs. He is the dad of the lovely Katie and David Mylett who also work with us.

In his spare time he likes to play golf and spend time with him family.


Helpdesk & Pre-Owned Manager

Chelsea joined us in September 2014, originally she started as a customer service advisor. She then moved to deputy manager in the helpdesk, and now is Helpdesk & Pre-owned manager. She has an outstanding knowledge of diecast and railway. She can normally recite any of our product codes.

In her spare time she enjoys doing the weekly pub quiz and spending time with her family. She loves to treat her shih tzu “Alfie”.


Michael  - Helpdesk Assistant

Helpdesk Assistant

Michael has been with us since October 2015, he is the guy to go to when it comes to anything in the Helpdesk, he is a wizkid and going against popular belief a brilliant multitasker. Sometimes he can be working through emails, livechat and on the phone all at the same time and still giving 100% precision.

In his spare time he likes to drink whisky (the good stuff), travelling and going to national trust parks with his girlfriend and their dog.


Vicki  - Helpdesk Assistant

Helpdesk Assistant

Vicki has been with us since May 2015, she is an important part of the Helpdesk team and store. She has a vast knowledge of the products we sell and is always helping somebody into the right direction. She is to the point and will always teach you something new.

In her spare time she likes to cook and drink Gin. She loves travelling and taking her dog on long walks with her husband.


Judith  - Helpdesk Assistant

Helpdesk Assistant

Judith has been with us since November 2015, she is able to keep people calm and to see a conclusion to everything. She does a range of duties including emails, live chat and taking orders. Her customer service is warming and we could not ask for more.

In her spare time she likes to spend time with her growing family. She also loves to travel and socialise.


John  - Helpdesk Assistant

Helpdesk Assistant

John joined us in June 2016, they always say the quiet ones are always the worst and there is no exception with John. He is silent but deadly with his witty jokes and lovely personality. He is an experienced part of the Helpdesk team.

In his spare time he likes to walk and also enjoys gardening with a sneaky glass of wine or two.


Graham  - Helpdesk Assistant

Helpdesk Assistant

Graham joined us in June 2016, he is the smiling face you see when you come into our store. He has a wide range of knowledge for anything railway related.

In his spare time he likes to continue developing his 00 Gauge layout and spending time with his family.


Anthony  - Helpdesk Assistant


Helpdesk Assistant

Anthony is the joker of the helpdesk and is a real scouse Del Boy. He is always talking to somebody about food or football. He always goes above and beyond for all of our customers.

In his spare time he likes to play darts in the pub and watch football with a beer.


David  - Helpdesk Assistant

Helpdesk Assistant

David has been with us since March 2017, he is very passionate in giving the best customer service to our customers and will always go above and beyond over the phone and in person. David deals with our returns.

In his spare time he listens to music and watches TV, his favourite program is 2 point 4 children. He loves driving his car and his favourite place is Stockholm.


Helpdesk Assistant

Amanda joined us in August 2017 after leaving Carphone warehouse, where she was for 25 years. Her customer service is second to none, she loves to have a joke with members of staff and is always happy to help anyone out.

In her spare time she likes to socialize and spend time with family.


Helpdesk Assistant

Rob has been with us since October 2017, he is a man of many skills and works within different areas of Hatton’s. He currently takes orders and deals with enquiries coming through the Help desk and also works on returns.

In his spare time he likes to spend time with his partner and listen to all kinds of music. He loves to listen to good music and has no favourite band. Robert likes to write music also and can play many instruments including the guitar and piano.


Helpdesk Assistant

Keris joined us in January 2018, she is an important part of the heart and soul of Hatton’s, she has a range of duties including answering customers enquiries via the phone, email and live chat. She is always smiling and loves helping our customers.

In her spare time she likes to go on holiday and soak up the sun, also she enjoys socialising with friends.


Helpdesk Assistant


Helpdesk Assistant


Helpdesk Assistant

Colleen joined us in March 2018, she has a variety of duties including speaking to our customers, processing letters sent in and spends time in the store. She loves how friendly all of our customers are and it is always a pleasure to speak about their layouts.

Colleen is a busy mum of 3 and when she does have spare time she likes to swim and read books, obviously not at the same time. She is 1 of 7 children so she spends time socializing and attending family BBQ’s, normally whilst they are all supporting their favourite team Liverpool FC.


John  - Product Support

Product Support

John has been with us since November 2009, Before working at Hattons, John managed a hobby store for 18 years and also had his own retail franchise for a number of years. He can be found sharing his vast railway knowledge with customers and other members of staff. John is a keen railway modeller and has a small layout based on a Freightliner diesel depot.

In his spare time he enjoys walking and watching most sports. He also likes adding to his layout which is an american layout.


John  - Product Support

Product Support

John has been with us since 2013, John has been a railway enthusiast and modeller for many years (he reckons it's 50 now, scary!). In his younger days he was a volunteer on the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway in mid-Wales. His modelling interests include Hornby Dublo, Trix and Triang. He is always happy to pass is knowledge onto every customer he meets in our store.

In John’s spare time he likes rock music and real ale. Preferably combined.


Bryan  - Product Support


Product Support

Bryan has worked with us since January 2011, He works in all areas of the business from the Helpdesk, store to fitting decoders and repairing Loco’s.
He has a keen interest in Railways and buses, and was a regular face in the shop before he joined us on the other side of the counter! Bryan has a large modern image layout at home, with more DMU's and EMU's than anyone really needs.

He is interested in theatre and performing arts, he particularly enjoys musicals. Bryan enjoys working on his layout and also attending Railway Model expeditions.


David  - Preowned Assistant

Preowned Assistant

David has been with us since August 2015. He originally started as a customer service adviser in Smithdown Road and then moved up to Pre-owned Buyer when moving to our new hub in Widnes. He is the person you meet when bringing collections in to be valuated and also is a ninja at identifying rare railways and diecast items.

In his spare time he likes to spend time with his twin brother and also is in his final year in University studying mathematics. He has recently performed a pantomime which he found to be a lot of fun. Brad Pitt eat your heart out. In the summer he also climbed Kilimanjaro for charity.


Morgan  - Preowned Assistant

Preowned Assistant

Morgan joined us in May 2012, he started as a helpdesk assistant and has worked up to Pre-owned buyer. He sorts through shop drop off collections, emails and calls. He knows his stuff and can describe most diecast or model railway objects which are put in front of him.

Morgan can play guitar, 5-string banjo, mandolin and drums. He’s also a vintage comedy fan, enjoying the Marx brothers and Laurel & Hardy in particular. Morgan is a keen reader and enjoys detective fiction.


Jennifer  - Preowned Assistant

Preowned Assistant

Jennifer has been with us since August 2017, she started in the Helpdesk and moved up to Pre-owned buying within a couple of months. She is the sole of the party and will always have something funny to say.

In her spare time she likes to spend time with her daughter and son. She also spends time with her Mum the ex Mayoress of Knowsley.