Gaugemaster CDU

Capacitor Discharge Unit

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Gaugemaster CDU

Capacitor Discharge Unit

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The unit stores up power in capacitors and when a point motor is actuated, discharges in one big punch giving the point motor a firm and positive switching action. Connected to points via switches or probe and studs. Prevents burnt out point motors. Can operate up to 6 points simultaneously.

Input: 16v to 24v AC at a maximum of 1.25 amps

Recommend Gaugemaster T3 or M3 to power this item

  • DCC status: Not applicable
  • Product type: Analogue point control
  • Scale: Any or Multiple Scales
  • Era: Era information not added for this product
  • Construction type: RTR/RTUse/Pre-assembled
  • Country: Country unspecific
  • Sub type: Analogue point control
  • Livery: Awaiting Categorisation
  • Weathered: No
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Dimension - box depth: 0
  • Dimension - box height: 0
  • Dimension - box width: 0
  • Limited edition: No

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